Tournament of Champions


Meet Our 4 Champions:

2021 Champ:

H. Ballew: “Social Science Teacher and Assistant Football Coach at Christian Heritage. Last years Pick’em Champion!!”

2020 Champ and 2021 Patreon Champ:

L. Maddox: Sports Broadcaster for the University of West Georgia and Rome Braves. Cedartown ‘17.

2019 Champ

S. Seguin: “Came for the Game Day food pics, stuck around for the amazing football coverage. Ready for the bracket to Crown the best locally owned restaurant in NWGA”

2018 Champ

R. Waddell: Fed Ex Courier for 24 years. Cedartown High ‘87

Current Standings

12-8 Ballew

12-8 Seguin

12-8 Waddell

5-5 Maddox (Retired)