Top 10 HUDL

The Top 10 most viewed HUDL players from Area 1. This could mean attention from fans or coaches or could mean your girlfriend really likes to watch your clips?! Here is the Top 10 as of 10/7/20 with Twitter and HUDL links.

Top 10

  1. KeSean Eubanks (’21 Ridgeland): Ath Twitter HUDL
  2. Gage Leonard (’22 Christian Heritage): Athlete Twitter HUDL
  3. Kyle White (’22 Ringgold): Strong Safety Twitter HUDL
  4. JaMario Clements (’21 LaFayette): RB Twitter HUDL
  5. Evan Lester (’21 Christian Heritage): Ath Twitter HUDL
  6. Nick Hanson (’21 Heritage): QB Twitter HUDL
  7. Malachi Powell (’21 LFO): QB Twitter HUDL
  8. Zach Brown (’21 Heritage): LB Twitter HUDL
  9. Christian Thomas (’22 Christian Heritage): QB Twitter HUDL
  10. Makinley Everett (’21 Dade Co): QB Twitter HUDL

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