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Class A Public 2nd Round Predictions

Calpreps was 16 of 18 in their 1st Round picks. They missed Wilcox Co over Charlton Co and Warren Co over Chattahoochee Co.

A look at the 2nd Round

Favorite in Bold

ECI at Macon Co (-17.5)

Lincoln Co at Irwin Co (-19.5)


Macon Co v Irwin Co

Manchester at McIntosh (-6.5)

Trion at Wilcox Co (+4.5)


McIntosh at Trion

Turner Co at Bowdon (-16.5)

Schley Co at Metter (-11)


Bowdon v Metter

Brooks Co at Washington Wilkes (+14.5)

Warren Co at Pelham (+2)


Warren Co v Brooks Co

6A Playoff Picture (10.26.21)

6A Playoff Picture (10.26.21)

The final 2 Weeks of the season are in front of and there is still a few spots to hash out in the 6A Playoff picture. Things will be much clearer after this Friday night. 

  1. Bowdon Red Devils: All Bowdon needs to do is win 1 of their next 2 games to clinch the Region Championship and the #1 seed. They are big favorites as they head to BEST this Thursday night and will host Armuchee the final week of the season. 
  1. Winner of Mount Zion at Trion:  If Mount Zion wins they are assured the 2 spot. Trion would need a win and for Gordon Lee to lose to Armuchee. If Gordon Lee and Trion both win Friday it would set up an interesting game Week 10 with Trion traveling to Gordon Lee. An upset by the Trojans would create a 3 way tie for 2 thru 4. 
  1. Loser of Mount Zion at Trion: If Trion loses Friday night they would still have work to do if Gordon Lee beats Armuchee. If the Trojans go 2-0 and Trion 0-2 over the next 2 games than the Bulldogs would fall to #4. If Mount Zion loses they become big Gordon Lee fans. A loss by Trion to Gordon Lee would create a 3 way tie for 2-4 spots.
  1. Gordon Lee at Armuchee Winner: The winner of this game Friday night is in good shape for a playoff spot. The only interesting thing that could happen is Gordon Lee lose to Armuchee then beat Trion Week 10. If Trion lost to Mount Zion it would create a 3 way tie between Gordon Lee, Armuchee, and Trion for spots 3 and 4. I’m not sure about the tie break rules but they all would be 1-1 against each other. 

Computer Projections:

  1. Bowdon
  2. Trion
  3. Mount Zion
  4. Armuchee

8A Computer Projection:

  1. Washington Wilkes
  2. Lincoln Co
  3. Social Circle
  4. Commerce