Region 7AA Breakdown

Chad Cheatham has the Fannin Co Rebels poised to win the 7AA Title

We look at all the possible playoff scenarios Region 7AA.

#1 Seed Fannin County: The Rebels, barring a monumental collapse, will win the 7AA Title. They already hold tie breaking wins over Model and Pepperell and travel to Chattooga on Friday. Win that one and all that is left is Coosa and Dade, games they should be double digit favorites in.

Dark Horse: Chattooga still has games against GC, Fannin , Model and Pepperell left. If they could run the table they would win the Region Title with the tiebreak win over Fannin.

#2 Seed: The most likely scenario is this weeks winner of Pepperell at Model. Chattooga still has games against both Pepperell and Model. If the Indians can avoid the upset Tuesday vs GC and run the table they would get the #2 spot.

#3 Seed: The loser of the Pepperell/Model game faces a showdown with Chattooga for the #3 spot.

#4 Seed: This is where the fun begins:

Dade County: They hold the tiebreaker with Chattooga thanks to their 19-14 win on Friday. The Wolverines must go 2-1 in their final 3. Which includes a trip to Coosa this Friday and they will host GC and Fannin the final 2 weeks. They also have to be big Model and Pepperell fans when these 2 play Chattooga.

Chattooga: Chattooga must beat Gordon Central Tuesday and than win one of their final 3 over Fannin, Model, or Pepperell. If Dade loses to Coosa or Gordon Central than the Indians only need to beat GC to get in .

Gordon Central: The Warriors playoff game is tomorrow (Tues 11/2) when they travel to Chattooga. A win over the Indians sets up a potential playoff game between Gordon Central and Dade County for the #4 spot (If Dade wins at Coosa) Like Dade, Warrior fans would become big Pepperell and Model fans down the stretch.

Calpreps Predictions below ad

1 Fannin County (6-0)

2 Pepperell (5-1)

3 Model (4-2)

4 Dade (2-4)


5 Chattooga (2-4)

6 Gordon Central (1-5)

7 Coosa (0-6)

Interesting side note: Calpreps has the Dade/Coosa, Dade/GC and the Chattooga/GC games all separated by 3 points or less. Throw in the 1.5 pt spread in the Pepperell/Model game and we are in for a fun finish in 7AA.

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