Playoff Math Pt2 (AAAAA and AAAA)

With 2 weeks left in the 2022 season we look at possible playoff scenarios.

Region 7-5A

This all hinges on the Cass at Calhoun game this Friday. The Yellow Jackets are a 27 point favorite but as we have seen in ’22 anything can happen.

If Calhoun beats Cass:

  1. Calhoun
  2. Winner of Cartersville/Dalton
  3. Loser of Cartersville/Dalton
  4. Cass

If Cass beats Calhoun and Cartersville beats Dalton

  1. Cartersville
  2. Cass
  3. Calhoun
  4. Dalton

If Cass beats Calhoun and Dalton beats Cartersville

Based on my calculations….

If Cass Wins by 6+

  1. Dalton
  2. Cartersville
  3. Cass
  4. Calhoun

If Cass wins by 6 or less

  1. Dalton
  2. Calhoun
  3. Cartersville
  4. Cass

Region 7-4A

Region 7-4A is a little complicated after the top spot.

If Cedartown wins 1 of their remaining 2 games (SE Whitfield and NW Whitfield) they are the Champs for the 3rd consecutive year.

Super confusing after that. We could still end in a 4-way tie for the final 3 spots.

We will take one week at a time, starting with this Friday

Sonoraville at Heritage: If Heritage wins, they have a grip on the #2 spot heading into a final week showdown with Central.

If Sonoraville wins: With only SE Whitfield remaining the Phoenix would be the odds-on favorite to host a playoff game round 1.

NW Whitfield at Central: the simple formula is whoever loses this matchup probably misses the post-season.

How the computer see’s it playing out:

  1. Cedartown
  2. Heritage
  3. Sonoraville
  4. Central