Playoff Math: 7AAAAA (10/8/23)

We will take a look at how each Regions playoff outlook is stacking up. What the computer projects and what we think will happen.


The highly contested 7AAAAA race is still a little murky, but with Cartersville’s wins over Calhoun and Cass they are sitting in the drivers seat.


2-0 Cartersville

1-1 Hiram (W: Dalton L: Calhoun)

1-1 Cass (W: Woodland L: Cartersville)

1-1 Calhoun (W:Hiram L:Cartersville)

1-1 Dalton (W:Woodland L:Hiram)

0-2 Woodland

Projected Final Standings

5-0 Cartersville

4-1 Calhoun

3-2 Hiram

2-3 Dalton

1-4 Cass

0-5 Woodland

The Skinny: No doubt about it, Cass at Dalton is huge for both teams’ postseason hopes. Cass will still have hope if they lose with games vs Calhoun and Hiram ahead but a loss by Dalton would put their backs against the wall with loses to Hiram and Cass with Calhoun and Cartersville left to play.

Hiram can throw a wrench into the whole scenario by upsetting Cartersville this Week.

Cass still has a chance at a home playoff if they can run the table.

Who is waiting on the other side?

6AAAAA Projections

  1. Kell/GAC Winner
  2. Kell/GAC Loser
  3. Cambridge
  4. Centennial