Pick ‘Em Contest 2022

Congratulations to our 2022 Champion:


Final Leaderboard

Week 12 Results

+ This years winner will get a Tshirt and will join our list of Champions that help select the NwGAFootball COY and POY. Plus next season you get to compete in our Tournament of Champions

Click the link below to meet our former Champions and follow their battle for the Champion League Crown.

Champions League Winner

Scott Sequin

Our 2019 Champion won the Championship by 5 games over Nikrod and had the best overall mark at 70-49.

Tournament of Champions

Patreon League

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WEEK 1 Winner: Snook (8-2) picks up $10 gift card.

WEEK 2 Winner : Todd Jones (8-2) $10 Gift card

WEEK 3 Winner: Snook and BBirge Tie (6-4) $5 added to each total

Week 4 Winner: E. Davis (7-2) $10

Week 5: C Wilson and Pullum (5-5) $5 each

Week 6: Snook (6-4) running his total to 25 on the season.

Week 7: TJ Pullam (8-2) gives him 15pts on the season

Week 8: C. Wilson (7-3) adds 10 points to his total.

Week 9: Snook (6-4) adds 10 to his season leading total.

Week 10: T. Jones (8-2) picks up this 2nd win of the season.

Week 11: TJ Pullum (6-4) picks up the win

Week 12: Snook picks up another win (7-3)