Pick Em Champs League: Week 6

We have reached the halfway point and last year’s Twitter Champ DevilDawg is looking to runaway with the ’23 title. Admittedly, after seeing his selections it made me 2nd guess all my picks this week.

Here is how our 4 former Champs see Week 6 stacking up.


35 DevilDawg

31 Sequin

28 Waddell

24 Ballew


Adairsville at Ringgold (-8.5)

Split decision: Waddell/Seguin think Adairsville keeps it close; Devil/Ballew think Ringgold pulls away.

Gilmer at Wesleyan (-7.5)

2x Champ Seguin‘s chance to gain ground as the only one that took Wesleyan.

Gordon Lee at LaFayette (-6.5)

DevilDawg is the only one that likes the Ramblers by a TD or more.

North Murray (-2.5) at Haralson Co

Lock of the Week as all take North Murray

Coosa at Armuchee (-10.5)

Split decision: Waddell/Ballew like Armuchee; Seguin/Devil go with the Eagles.

Dade Co at Darlington (-16.5)

Another chance for DevilDawg to pull away from the field as the only one taking the visiting Wolverines.

Chattooga at Pepperell (-25.5)

All four take the visiting Indians to keep it within 25 points.

Temple at Bowdon (-25.5)

Split decision: Waddell/Devil like the Tigers to keep it within 25; Ballew/Seguin like Bowdon by 26+.

LFO at Coahulla Creek (-14.5)

Another chance for Sequin to gain some ground as the only one taking the Colts to win by 15+.

Cedartown at Dalton (-11.5)

Split decision: Going to be a heck of a game! Waddell/Devil like Dalton by 12+; Ballew/Seguin think the Bulldogs can keep it within 11 points.