Playoff Math: 7AAAAA (10/8/23)

We will take a look at how each Regions playoff outlook is stacking up. What the computer projects and what we think will happen.


The highly contested 7AAAAA race is still a little murky, but with Cartersville’s wins over Calhoun and Cass they are sitting in the drivers seat.


2-0 Cartersville

1-1 Hiram (W: Dalton L: Calhoun)

1-1 Cass (W: Woodland L: Cartersville)

1-1 Calhoun (W:Hiram L:Cartersville)

1-1 Dalton (W:Woodland L:Hiram)

0-2 Woodland

Projected Final Standings

5-0 Cartersville

4-1 Calhoun

3-2 Hiram

2-3 Dalton

1-4 Cass

0-5 Woodland

The Skinny: No doubt about it, Cass at Dalton is huge for both teams’ postseason hopes. Cass will still have hope if they lose with games vs Calhoun and Hiram ahead but a loss by Dalton would put their backs against the wall with loses to Hiram and Cass with Calhoun and Cartersville left to play.

Hiram can throw a wrench into the whole scenario by upsetting Cartersville this Week.

Cass still has a chance at a home playoff if they can run the table.

Who is waiting on the other side?

6AAAAA Projections

  1. Kell/GAC Winner
  2. Kell/GAC Loser
  3. Cambridge
  4. Centennial

Champions League: Week 8

Waddell had a season best 9-1 to jump back into contention. Tight race at the top with only 5 weeks left.


44 Seguin

42 DevilDawg

41 Waddell

33 Ballew

Week 8 Picks

Pepperell at Armuchee (-2.5)

Ballew can gain some ground as the only one taking the Indians at home.

Model at Fannin Co (-2.5)

Split: Devil/Seguin like the Blue Devils; Ballew/Waddell take the Rebels

Calhoun at Hiram (-2.5)

Waddell, with the hot hand, the only one taking the Hornets.

Dawson Co at Pickens Co (Even)

Another chance for Ballew to close the gap as the only one taking the Dragons at home.

Bremen at LaFayette (+18.5)

Front runner Sequin the only one that thinks the Ramblers keep it within 18.

Cass at Cartersville (-23.5)

Waddell likes the Colonels to keep it within 23, the other 3 like the Canes big.

Dalton at Woodland (+25.5)

Split: Waddell/Ballew take Dalton; Devil/Sequin take Woodland

LFO at Gordon Lee (-21.5)

DevilDawg the only one that thinks the Trojans win by 21+

Rome at Sequoyah (+8.5)

A gimme here…everyone likes the Wolves.

Chattooga at Darlington (-34.5)

Another chance for Devildawg to gain on the lead as the only one taking the Indians to keep it within 5 TDs.

Week 8 Schedule/Calprep Predictions


Carrollton 56 at East Coweta 24


Langston Hughes 54 at East Paulding 29

South Paulding (-4) at New Manchester

Douglas Co (-35) at Paulding Co

Rome 56 at Sequoyah 3


Cass at Cartersville (-23)

Calhoun 56 at Hiram 35

Dalton 42 at Woodland 7


Northwest Whitfield 37 at SE Whitfield 0

Heritage 35 at Cedartown 47

Central 45 at Sonoraville 35


Ridgeland 7 at Adairsville 55

Ringgold 17 at Coahulla Creek 20

LFO 35 at Gordon Lee 42

Bremen 34 at LaFayette 28 2OT

Gilmer 3 at Lumpkin 56

Dawson Co 42 at Pickens Co 7


Model 28 at Fannin 27

North Murray 56 at Gordon Cent. 7

Rockmart 48 at Haralson Co 6


Pepperell 20 at Armuchee 6

Coosa 6 at Trion 49

Chattooga 0 at Darlington 35

Forest Park 14 at Bowdon 63

Heard Co 56 at Crawford Co. 22

Christian Heritage 42 at Mt. Pisgah 10

Mt. Vernon 42 at Mt. Zion 17

Champions League: Week 7

We start the 2nd half of the Season this Week with some great games on tap.

Join Benton and I tonight on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube for post-game coverage.

Interesting side note: Seguin and Devildawg have battled 18 consecutive weeks now …dead even.

Week 7 Standings

38 DevilDawg

37 Seguin

32 Waddell

28 Ballew

Week 7 Picks

Hiram at Dalton (Even)

Split: As you would expect in an even game. Devil/Ballew like Dalton, Seguin/Waddell Hiram.

Cedartown at Central (-11.5)

Split: Sequin/Devil like Cedartown at +11.5, Ballew/Waddell take Central (-11.5)

Ringgold at Bremen (-3.5)

Waddell has a chance to gain some ground as the only picker taking the homestanding Blue Devils in this important 6AAA contest.

Ridgeland at LFO (-7.5)

Split: Devil/Seguin like the visiting Panthers to keep it within a TD. Waddell/Ballew like LFO (-7.5).

Coahulla Creek at Gordon Lee (-6.5)

Ballew’s chance to gain some ground as the only one taking the homestanding Trojans.

Armuchee at Chattooga (+15.5)

Another chance for Ballew to cut into the overall lead as the only one taking the Armuchee Indians to win big.

Rockmart at Model (+8.5)

DevilDawg rolling with the Model Blue Devils everyone else likes the Jackets on the road.

Cartersville at Calhoun (-11.5)

Unanimous for the Purple Hurricanes to keep it within 11.5 points

Paulding Co at South Paulding (-8.5)

Split: Seguin/Ballew like South Paulding to win by 9 or more, Devildawg/Waddell take Paulding Co to keep it closer.

North Paulding at Walton (-34.5)

Unanimous: Everyone thinks North Paulding keeps it within 35 vs #2 Walton

Week 7 Schedule/Calprep Lines

Let the 2nd Half begin. Great schedule this Friday.


North Paulding at Walton (-35)


Woodstock at Rome (-35)

East Paulding (-9) at Newnan

Paulding Co at South Paulding (-8)


Cartersville at Calhoun (-13)

Woodland at Cass (-23)

Hiram at Dalton (Even)

Lithia Springs at Villa Rica (-15)


Cedartown at Central (-12)

SE Whitfield at Heritage (-35)

Sonoraville at NW Whitfield (-16)


LaFayette at Adairsville (-26)

Ridgeland at LFO (-7)

Ringgold at Bremen (-4)

Coahulla Creek at Gordon Lee (-6)

West Hall at Gilmer (-30)


Haralson Co (-33) at Gordon Cent.

Rockmart (-7) at Model

Murray Co at North Murray (-35)


Armuchee (-15) at Chattooga

Darlington (-25) at Coosa

Trion (-24) at Dade Co

Midtown at Temple (-24)

St. Francis at Bowdon (-22)

McIntosh (-23) at Heard Co

Mt. Pisgah at Mt. Zion (-4)

Pick Em Champs League: Week 6

We have reached the halfway point and last year’s Twitter Champ DevilDawg is looking to runaway with the ’23 title. Admittedly, after seeing his selections it made me 2nd guess all my picks this week.

Here is how our 4 former Champs see Week 6 stacking up.


35 DevilDawg

31 Sequin

28 Waddell

24 Ballew


Adairsville at Ringgold (-8.5)

Split decision: Waddell/Seguin think Adairsville keeps it close; Devil/Ballew think Ringgold pulls away.

Gilmer at Wesleyan (-7.5)

2x Champ Seguin‘s chance to gain ground as the only one that took Wesleyan.

Gordon Lee at LaFayette (-6.5)

DevilDawg is the only one that likes the Ramblers by a TD or more.

North Murray (-2.5) at Haralson Co

Lock of the Week as all take North Murray

Coosa at Armuchee (-10.5)

Split decision: Waddell/Ballew like Armuchee; Seguin/Devil go with the Eagles.

Dade Co at Darlington (-16.5)

Another chance for DevilDawg to pull away from the field as the only one taking the visiting Wolverines.

Chattooga at Pepperell (-25.5)

All four take the visiting Indians to keep it within 25 points.

Temple at Bowdon (-25.5)

Split decision: Waddell/Devil like the Tigers to keep it within 25; Ballew/Seguin like Bowdon by 26+.

LFO at Coahulla Creek (-14.5)

Another chance for Sequin to gain some ground as the only one taking the Colts to win by 15+.

Cedartown at Dalton (-11.5)

Split decision: Going to be a heck of a game! Waddell/Devil like Dalton by 12+; Ballew/Seguin think the Bulldogs can keep it within 11 points.

Top 5 Games: Week 6

We have made it to the official halfway point of the season. Here are the 5 games I find most intriguing for Week 6.

Gordon Lee at Lafayette

On paper this looks like a defensive struggle. Both teams were held to 3 points each last Friday. Gordon Lee has had a couple of big offensive performances and the Ramblers have proved they can slow big offenses down. Import game in the 6AAA race as the computer says the winner of this one will play Coahulla Creek for a playoff spot.

Calpreps Prediction: LaFayette 16 Gordon Lee 10

NwGaFootball Take: I like the Rambler defense. Unless you can throw the ball successfully it will be hard to put points on the board, plus they are excited to be home after being on the road since Week 1. LaFayette 28 Gordon Lee 16

Dade Co at #14 A Darlington

7A opener. Both teams have played competitive non region schedules and should be ready for Region play. Both teams can run and throw and have aggressive defenses. The winner of this one will have a leg up on a potential home field playoff game and a chance to play for a Region Title.

Calpreps Prediction: Darlington 34 Dade Co 18

NwGaFootball Take: Darlington has a lot of speedy options in the backfield the Wolverines will have to stop. Dade has to play a perfect game, minus turnovers and penalties, to pull the upset. At home I will go with the Tigers 35-21.

Gilmer at Wesleyan

7AAA opener the Bobcats. Gilmer won this game at home last season in surprising fashion over the “private school”. Gilmer last time out was a dominating win over a good Ringgold team 31-7 to take them to 3-1, Wesleyan is sitting at 2-2. The naysayers will say Wesleyan has played a harder schedule, which is probably true, but Gilmer has taking care of business outside the Fannin loss.

Calpreps Prediction: Wesleyan 29 Gilmer 22

NwGaFootball Take: I’m going with the underdog here! I like how Gilmer played last time out and I think Coach Standard has these Bobcats playing confident right now. Gilmer 21 Wesleyan 20

Adairsville at Ringgold

The talking heads ,self included, thought this would be the Region Title game in 6AAA but Bremen and Coahulla Creek would have something to say about that. Adairsville was impressive in their 6AAA opener putting 30+ on LFO in the 1st half. Ringgold struggled to put points on the board against LaFayette but stepped up late to pull out a 13-3 win.

CalPreps Prediction: Ringgold 30 Adairsville 22

NwGaFootball Take: Bold prediction by Calpreps as Ringgold has had putting points on the board the last 2 games, combined 20 points in their last 8 quarters. If the Blue Tigers are going to win they will have to do it with their defense. Too many weapons on the Green Tigers side…Adairsville 24 Ringgold 16

Cedartown at Dalton

Wow! This should be a great game in front of a packed house. Dalton is off to one of their best start in recent memory, playing well on both sides of the ball. Cedartown is still trying to “find their way” after having to replace so much offensive production off of last years State Final team.

Calpreps Prediction: Dalton 25 Cedartown 14

NwGaFootball Take: They played common opponent, Rockmart, almost dead even. Hard to compare apples and oranges but I think this game will be won in the closing minutes. Im going with the hot hand ...Dalton 21 Cedartown 20