North Murray v Darlington (Spring ’21)

(Lawrence Morgan)

Mountaineers Warming Up

(Darlington 5/13/21) It was nice to finally get to see some football in the Spring , even if it felt like Mid October, after last years Spring schedule was canceled due to Covid. Here are some things that caught my eye from a fan in the stands perspective.

  • ’23 North Murray QB Seth Griffin and ’22 6’4 WR Michael McDade are going to be fun to watch this season in 6AAA. Griffin was on target all night throwing for 150+ in the half with McDade hauling in 2 long catches and scoring 2 TDs on the night.
  • Rising Sophomore Judson Petty is going to be a fun one for Mountaineer fans to watch over the next 3 years. The 5’10 170 WR/DB had an INT on defense to go along with several tackles and had several catches on offense with strong runs after the catch.
  • North Murray’s #79 Austin Johnson (6’3 280) is a big center in the middle.
  • Darlington’s DL/OL is huge. They did a good job at stopping the run and once the red jersey comes off the QB this Fall they will give up less passing yards as they would have had multiple sack opportunity’s in a live game.
  • Tiger QB Patrick Shelley settled in during the 2nd Q and was throwing lasers on the Darlington scoring drive to end the half.
  • A couple of Tiger’s that had flown under my offseason radar played well. 6’0 200 pound rising Senior Jack Payne played well on defense and came in a threw several good passes from the QB spot. Rising Soph DL Truitt Hayworth (6’5 330) was double teamed most of the night but still ended up at the QB on most plays.

Great game to see between two evenly matched teams. Both will be in the hunt for Region Titles this season and no doubt playoff contenders .

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