Get To Know: Clay Hyatt (Haralson Co)

The rising Senior QB helped lead the Rebels to their 3rd consecutive playoff appearance in 2020, the first time in program history. Clay was the leading QB rusher in 2019 in Georgia and is the reigning 5AA OPY heading into 2021.


Food: Lasagna

Music: Country

NFL Player: Tysom Hill

When not playing sports: Spending time with those close to me and working

Football Memory: “After the Temple game this year that went into 3 overtimes I was so exhausted I could only celebrate for a min and then I just watched as the rest of the team jumped around and went crazy with each other and the fans. While I was walking to the huddle a man came and shook my hand and told me his sons looked up to me and told me to keep up the good work.”

You can follow Clay on Twitter or check out his highlights here HUDL

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