Final Week Math

Here we go. We finally made it to the final week. Still a few spots up for grabs. My best effort to try and figure all this stuff out.


1 Carrollton 5-1

2 Rome 5-1

3 Douglas Co 4-2

4 Alexander 4-2


5 South Paulding 3-3

If Carrollton wins over Douglas Co: Carrollton wins Region title

If Douglas Co wins and Rome wins: Rome wins the Region

The 4 spot is still up for grabs this week between Alexander and South Paulding.

CalPreps Prediction: 1) Carrollton 2) Rome 3) Douglas Co 4) Alexander


Is set. To the best of my knowledge Blessed Trinity will get credit for the Cartersville game.

1) Blessed Trinity

2) Cartersville

3) Calhoun

4) Hiram


Covid has taken a toll on this Region so it’s hard to figure out at this point. Word is Ridgeland is going to have to take a forfeit the last 2 weeks and Pickens will forfeit to Central if game not made up. These are the assumptions I use for this exercise.

1) Cedartown has clinched the Region Title

2) Central-Carroll assuming Ridgeland and Pickens forfeit, Heritage can still get the spot if they can beat Cedartown Friday.

If NW Whitfield beats Pickens:

3) NW Whitfield

4) Heritage

If Pickens beats NW:

There would be a 3 way tie at 2-3 (NW Whit, Heritage, Pickens) for the final 2 spots.


Assumptions: LaFayette cancels this week vs North Murray

1) Rockmart is the lock here

If Adairsville beats LFO:

2) Adairsville, 3) North Murray 4) LaFayette

If LFO beats Adairsville:

2) North Murray 3) Adairsville 4) LaFayette

***Ringgold can still slide into the #4 spot if they upset Region leading Rockmart.


Well we have our 4 playoff teams the final order is up for grabs:

4 scenarios:

Haralson wins/ Heard wins:

1) Heard 2) Haralson 3) Callaway 4) Bremen

Haralson wins/Callaway wins:

1)Haralson 2) Callaway 3) Heard 4) Bremen

Bremen wins/Heard wins;

1) Heard Co 2) Other 3 tied at 2-2

Bremen wins/Callaway wins

1) Callaway 2) Heard 3) Bremen 4) Haralson Co


1) Fannin Co LOCK

2) Pepperell LOCK

3) Model

4) If Chattooga beats Model on Tuesday the Indians are in; If Chattooga loses Gordon Central get the 4 spot with a win over Model on Saturday; If Model sweeps this week Chattooga gets in at 4.

*** If Model goes 0-2 this week: 3) Chattooga 4) Gordon Central and the Blue Devils miss the playoffs.

6A Public

1) Bowdon : Region Champs

2) Gordon Lee : Lock

3) Winner of Mt. Zion vs BEST

4) Loser of Mt. Zion vs BEST

7A Private

Region Championship this Friday when Christian Heritage host North Cobb Christian.

3 spot locked for the Darlington Tigers

4 is winner of Mt. Paran vs Walker

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