Our 1st ever Draft Challenge where each player had 20 points to pick from a lineup of teams that were valued at their average wins over the last 2 seasons. You score points by total wins of your teams during the regular and post season.

Unfortunately our previous website crashed and we lost all the data but we had a handful of people join before the crash.

Here is how everyone stacks up after Week 7:

15 Sequin: (Pepperell, Fannin, Cedartown, GLee)

14 C.Randall: (Armuchee, Calhoun, Cedartown, GLee)

13 Pullam: (Aville, Cedartown, LaFayette, Fannin)

13 Blaw2: (Gilmer, GLee, NMurray, Pepperell)

13 HC: (Model, Bowdon, Fannin, LaFayette)

13 NwGa: (Cedartown, Bowdon, GLee, LaFayette)

13 CC: (Armuchee, Pepperell, Bowden, Gilmer, Cedartown)

12 Lingerfelt: (Cedartown, LaFayette, Pepperell, GLee)

11 Hensley: (Cedartown, Bowdon, Dalton, Ringgold)

11 LED3_G: (LaFayette, Haralson, Dalton, Gilmer)

10 Ty Veatch:(Chattooga, Gordon Lee, Cedartown, Dalton)