Class A Div 1

Its that time of year again to fire up the Calpreps predictions. This is how the computer seeing the season play out. Good thing we start playing the games for real in just 21 more days.

Round 1

Top Left Bracket

Mt. Pisgah over Oglethorpe Co

Trion over Commerce

Heard Co over Bryan Co

Brooks Co over E. Laurens

Bottom Left Bracket

Social Circle over Whitefield Acad.

Rabun Co over Dade Co

Temple over Screven Co

Swainsboro over Bacon Co

Top Right Bracket

Bleckley Co over Pelham

Metter over Crawford Co

Athens Christian over Pepperell

Prince Ave over Mt. Vernon

Bottom Right Bracket

Irwin Co over Dublin

Lamar Co over Claxton

Darlington over Elbert Co

St. Francis over Jasper Co

2nd Round

Trion over Mt. Pisgah

Brooks Co over Head Co

Rabun Co over Social Circle

Swainsboro over Temple

Metter over Bleckley Co

Prince Ave over Athens Christian

Irwin Co over Lamar Co

St. Francis over Darlington

QF Round

Brooks Co over Trion

Swainsboro over Rabun Co

Prince Ave over Metter

Irwin Co over St. Francis


Brooks Co over Swainsboro

Prince Ave over Irwin Co


Brooks Co over Prince Avenue