6AAA Mid Season

REGION 6AAA Mid Season w/ Chris Napier

October 6th, 2020, (Lawrence Morgan)

Hard to believe it is mid season already, seems like we just got the 2020 season started.

We ask Chris Napier about his thoughts on the 6 AAA season here at the halfway point. You can follow Chris on Twitter @NappytheWise

What has been the biggest surprise game you have seen so far this season in 6AAA?

Biggest surprise games this year are Sonoraville’s big win over Chattooga. That was a dominant performance. Another big surprise was the 1st quarter LaFayette played at Murray County. The Ramblers showed up ready to play that night.

Who are the Top 3 players in 6AAA at the midpoint?

Top 3 players is a tough question. I would have to say Javin Whatley (Rockmart), Jaylon Ramsey (LaFayette), and Dante Tidwell (North Murray). An easy case could be made for Jamario Clements (LaFayette) and Kori Dumas (Ringgold). I say this after watching Tidwell play against Ringgold which for the past 4 years it seems like all his biggest games have come against the Tigers. Rockmart’s defensive front. Dudes like Davis, Banks, &Brown. That looks like a tough group. They’re fast and athletic and they look relentless.

I’m going to put you on the spot…Who are the 4 playoff teams right now?

Top 4 in no order. Rockmart, LaFayette, Adairsville, & North Murray. Still a lot of football to played. Sonoraville or Ringgold could easily work their way into a spot.

Check back each week as Chris previews and predicts all the action in Region 6AAA.

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