6AAA: Road to the Title

Head coach Biff Parson leads the Rockmart Yellow Jackets in their quest for a 4th straight Region title. Photo: ScoreAtl.com

On the surface it looks like a easy formula in 6AAA. If Rockmart can win out they are the champs but things get complicated in the 6AAA playoff picture after that.

If they win out:

Rockmart: The Jackets travel to Adairsville this Friday in what many think is the last shot to knock the Yellow Jackets off the top. Rockmart has Adairsville, LaFayette and Ringgold remaining and if they win all 3 they capture their 4th straight Region title.

Adairsville: Two big weeks coming up for the Tigers, hosting Rockmart 11/6 and North Murray 11/13. If the Tigers win both of these games and finish off with a win vs LFO they will be Region Champs due to the tiebreaking win over Rockmart.

LaFayette: The Ramblers still have games left with Region leading Rockmart and North Murray. If LaFayette can avoid the upset this Friday and sweep the Final 2 games they would be Region champs…that is IF Adairsville loses to Rockmart or North Murray since the Tigers hold the tiebreak over the Ramblers.

North Murray: Tougher path for the Mountaineers as they will need some help. If North Murray sweeps their final 3 games (Murray, Adairsville, LaFayette) they would need for Rockmart to drop 2 of their final 3 games to win the title as Rockmart holds the head to head tiebreaker.

Still possible to have a 3 way tie for the Region title. I’m not sure about the tiebreaking criteria in 6AAA as each Region has their own set of rules.

Continue below for 6AAA playoff picture:

If you think these 4 teams are locks for the playoff spots in 6AAA, not so quick my friend. The Ringgold Tigers are actually sitting in a pretty good spot. If the Tigers can win 2 of their last 3 (Coahulla Creek, Sonoraville, Rockmart) and Adairsville loses 2 of their last 3 (Rockmart, North Murray, LFO), Ringgold sneaks into a possible 3 way tie for the #4 spot with LaFayette and Adairsville.

Calpreps Prediction if Adairsville over North Murray

1 Rockmart (8-0)

2 Adairsville (6-2)

3 North Murray (6-2)

4 LaFayette (5-3)


5 Ringgold (5-3)

Calpreps if North Murray over Adairsville

1 Rockmart (8-0)

2 North Murray (7-1)

3T Adairsville (5-3)

3T LaFayette (5-3)

3T Ringgold (5-3)

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