’23 Tourney of Champs

Our 2nd annual Tournament of Pick Em Champs kicks off this Fall. Our 5 previous year’s winners will go head-to-head to see who the Champion high school football picker is.

Standings After Week

19-11 DevilDawg

18-12 Seguin

15-15 Ballew

14-16 Waddell

Let’s meet the competitors:

2018 Champion

R. Waddell: The original OG. Won the inaugural contest in ’18. Tough dude that survived by pass surgery and is still slinging packages on your front porch.

2019 Champion, ’22 Overall Champ, ’22 TOC Winner

S. Seguin: If you follow our Stats Page this is the man behind the scenes. Always at the top of our pick em leader board at seasons end. How many NWGA games has he seen in person? 1. I’m beginning to think he is A.I.

’20 Champion, ’21 Patreon Champ

L. Maddox: (Retired) Retired from competition to pursue his sports broadcasting career. We are holding his spot.

’21 Champion

H. Ballew: Came out of nowhere in 2021 to capture the Title. Amazing victory considering he didn’t know till postseason that he had been picking against the spread.

’22 Twitter Champ

DevilDog: Comes from parts unknown, much like Mr. Wrestling 2 for you old schoolers. Has been at the top of the leaderboard every year. Lost the overall to Sequin by 1 game in the Final week of ’22. Do we have a Rivalry??