’21 Draft Challenge

How it Works: You get 20 points to draft your teams. Make any combination of teams with those 20 points. At the end of the season we will total the number of wins by your teams (including post season). Winner is highest total.

*Values determined by wins over last few seasons.

To Enter: Follow this link: Draft Challenge

Defending Champ: Scott Seguin : 33 wins last season with a combo of Pepperell, Fannin Co, Cedartown, and Gordon Lee.

Winner get “Draft Challenge Champ” T shirt

Team Cost:

11pt Cartersville

9 pt Calhoun

9 pt Rockmart

8 pt Christian Heritage

8 pt North Murray

8 pt Rome

7pt each: Bowdon, Bremen, Cedartown, Darlington, Fannin Co, NW Whitfield

6pt each: Gordon Lee, Haralson Co, Heritage, Pepperell

5pt each: Murray Co, Cass, Gilmer, Dalton, Pickens, Sonoraville, Temple, Trion, Adairsville, Central, Chattooga, Model

4pt each: Gordon Central, Villa Rica, Coosa, LFO, Ringgold, Ridgeland, LaFayette, Mt. Zion

3pts each: Coahulla Creek, Woodland, Dade Co

2 pt: Armuchee

1 pt: SE Whitfield

2021 Draft Challenge 

  1. C. Baker: Trion, Armuchee, Rome, Chattooga
  2. B. Morgan: Trion, Christian Heritage, Bowdon
  3. Adam M: Rockmart, Bremen, Villa Rica
  4. K. Park: Trion, Darlington, LFO, LaFayette
  5. B.Brige: Trion, Ringgold, Bowdon, Mt. Zion
  6. B.Hughes: Haralson, Bremen, SE Whit., Pepperell
  7. A. Ledford: Dalton, Adairsville, Cedartown, Dade
  8. J. Marin: Cass, Adairsville, Christian Hert. Armuchee
  9. LawDog: Calhoun, Gordon Lee, Temple 
  10. E. Davis: Haralson, Cedartown, Central, Armuchee
  11. C. Tallent: Bremen, Haralson, Villa Rica
  12. T. Hill: Bremen, Rome, Villa Rica, SE Whit
  13. Brian T: Pepperell, Rome, Trion, SE Whit
  14. J. Sanford: Cedartown, Rome, Dalton
  15. S. Davis: Fannin, Cedartown, Haralson 
  16. G. Davis: Haraslon, Pepperell, Villa Rica, Mt. Zion
  17. C. Israel : VR, Mt.Zion, Pepperell, Central, SE Whit
  18. L. Burdock: Dade, Chattooga, Haralson, Pepperell
  19. Gino W: Haralson, Pepperell, Mt. Zion, Dade, SE Whit
  20. S Seguin: Cedartown, Ringgold, Haralson, Woodland 
  21. NWGAFootball: Sonoraville, Trion, Armuchee, Ringgold, Mt. Zion